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  • Human name:
    John Barnabus McGinginhimersmithis 

  • Preferred Name:
  • Age: 
    150 yrs. 
  • Description: 
    • Human: He looks to be your average human, early 20's. He has kinda shaggy hair, kahki (and threadbare) cargo pants, and a black shirt with some nondescript logo on the front. 5'6" tall, brown here, green eyes, kinda a scruffy beard. 
    • Gargoyle: (Interesting story here...) About 7 feet tall, His back is graced by Bat-like wings, and his pig-like snout has all sorts of tusks growing upwards from his lower jaw. His ears are kinda pointed, like a german shepherd's, and he sports Lion like paws (front and back) as well as a lion's tail. The majority of his body is composed of what looks like Granite, except for his paws, which look as though their made of black onyx. 
  • Abilities:
    He can change between his Human Form and his Gargoyle Form on command. He is very vulnerable in his Human form (although he prefers that form), but much more resilient in his Gargoyle Form. Also because of his Onyx claws, he can tear his way through most materials (he still has a problem with Industrial grade titanium, but with enough work, that to is gone.) 
  • Species:
  • Weaponry:
    His Claws 
  • History:
     This is a real blank spot. He grew up the son of a well-to-do banker in New York in teh 1800's. About 1876, He had already moved off on his own and taken up working and, surprise surprise, a bank. Well, He was working late one night, and he heard something up higher levels of the Bank. He took his six-shooter and went to investigate. Upon reaching the top floor, with no signs of an intruder, he was about to go back when he heard scuffling above him and more voices. Well, very foolhardily, he went to go investigate, and found himself in the middle of several...well, quiet honestly, he didn't know what these creatures were. They were fighting, or so it looked, although he was at a loss to tell you what he was witnessing. They both just kept shooting different colored beams at each other, non of them really making any progress at the other. He continued to watch, until the guy whom he judged to be winning fired a strange, green beam at the one he judged to be losing. The Losing guy blocked, and the beam bounced off him and hit poor John. The effects were instant. His body had deformed badly, and his skin appeared to be made of stone. He had wings now, and his hands...he couldn't get over his hands. They were more like claws, and they were black. As he looked, he noticed they also reflected the moon perfectly. What had they done? Had they noticed? Fury over took John. They had ruined his life! They might as well have killed him! He quickly attack the duelers, overtaking both of them easily and killing them off with amazing efficiency. 
    He spent the next 20 or 30 years wondering, hiding where ever he couldn't find humans. After a while, he found he could transform back to human, at first only parts...a hand or a foot...but then more and more. Once he finally was able to transform his whole body, he was shocked to see that he hadn't aged a day! He was still as young as he was at 21! 
    The years dragged on. John managed to blend in well enough to maintain a living for a few years where ever he went. he didn't stay more than ten years at any one place. Any longer and people were bound to notice that he wan't aging. So he lived, decade to decade, unti he got wind of a place where there were him. He has now been searching this "Evil Council" for the past two years, and have finally found their hidden cave. Upn entering the cave, he heard a strange noise, and the entrance went dark. After a few seconds, it lit up again, having transferred to the Dojo. He tentatively stepped out, and quickly flew away from the strange Cave....
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