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Name: Jinx

Age: 19

Race: Jix

Gender: Female

Description: Jinx is about 5'6 tall, with long but slightly messy mousey brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. Jinx has a tendency to wear a mixture of clothing of various colours, not preferring to stick to one shade like her mother or father. The young girls personality can be headstrong and stubborn, with a tendency to get into things that get her in trouble. However at the same time she can be quite loyal to those she considers her friends-though if she thinks of a nickname to assign to you, she'll like refer to you by that rather than your own name. Jinx is a Jix, a crossbreed of the species Jentil and Split. Jinx's godparent just so happens to be the God of Insanity Au'Marui. So.... Jinx is an Insanity Lord

Abilities: Being what she is, Jinx has a myriad of abilities both taught and innate (and quite likely some utterly unknown even to her). 

Distortion: Jinx can distort her body much like any of the other Distortionists on Pax, however not to such an extreme as being able to shapeshift into something entirely non-humanoid or being able to Distort external reality. However she can shift the reality internally and around herself enough that she can Distort her broken bones back together, making her more resistant to injury-or stretch them to create the infamous 'noodle-arm' effect. Jinx is also able to use her Distortion to affect other beings, as long as they're close enough for her to touch them and she can concentrate. 

Telepathy: Jinx is highly telepathic. Such that she does not need to install a simulacrum in order to speak to you that way. This ability also has a much greater range than one would have expected. However, she's generally respectful with this ability and won't do it unless she feels she absolutely has to or knows that you are comfortable with it. It's more often used to keep in contact and converse with her lifelong friend and protector Bill. 

Shadow Spheres: Not quite as attuned to shadows, Jinx was nevertheless still taught how to, at the very least, compress them into a ball and send them off to explode due to the tension. She's not able to create Shadow Wings or harness the more advanced Shadow abilities bar one. 

Shadow Manipulation: Different to Distorting external reality yet using a combination of shadow magic and distortion, Jinx can however pull the shadows around her into solidarity and distort their shape so long as it's close to her. Generally good for shielding.

Black Fireballs: It seems that Jinx is more attuned to fire than either of her parents, the young Jix has created and harnessed black fireballs. Much like normal fire, these burn upon touch and give off a great deal of heat, yet they give no light but rather, darkness. Jinx can manipulate these fireballs, sending them to multiple places at once. 

Instinctive Fire Shielding: Due to her unique origins, when startled in a dangerous situation Jinx will often instinctively cover herself in flames. One could tentatively call this 'Everythingfire' as it pulls on Celestial, Demonic, Arc, mundane and her unique Blackfire. This makes this instinctive defence extremely potent and disturbing to look at. 

Insanity Magic Immunity: Due to the Insanity Lord part of her, Jinx is completely immune to such magics when they run amok, and highly resistant to curses. 

Awakened Insanity Lord abilities

During the events of Maelstrom, the Sanity Blade spoke to Jinx and encouraged her to take it off Toms neck when Tom became incapacitated. Once she took it the Blade awakened three dormant blessings her godparent Au'Marui had left in her. These are: 

Celestial Sight: Jinx's eyes glow white when using the ability to see as the gods do, percieving things others can't. 

Ethereal Cloak: When Awakened, Jin  has an ethereal white cloak that appears on her back very similar to DPs. The cloak works to protect the Jix, for example by enveloping her to lessen the impact of explosions. It is not invincible however, and can't take everything. 

The ability to wield The Sanity Blade herself, which takes the shape of a long dagger with a 40 cm blade that snakes back and forth in a wave. The guard is inlaid with a blue stone, and has red arms out either side whilst the handle is made out of a highly polished bone.

Note that these are only the abilities Jinx has revealed so far, once more emerge they'll be added.

Items: One Floran made dagger she got from Eltra for her first birthday. She's learned to wield this particular weapon quite well whilst on Dea. 

One Journal, from the future, so highly guarded. 

One small satchel of personal items, including a few bottles of water and emergency food supplies. 

History: Whilst Jinx was born in the Paxian Temple of Insanity, her parents took her to Dea shortly afterwards to protect her young life. They often come back on Halloween for Jinx's birthday, however. Currently, Jinx is about 4 years old and living on Dea. This Jinx is out of her own time, sent back at 18 through a Portal because it was believed to be necessary. She cannot tell you why and will not show you her book, nor does she seem capable of getting back on her own power. Jinx currently resides in one of the Knights rooms in the Temple. 

Name: Bill (William)

Age: 18

Race: Iridescent Dragon

Gender: Male

Description: Bill is a large, western type Dragon with four legs, one tail and a pair of wings. He's entirely covered in iridescent white scales, and has a pair of sturdy straight horns on his head. Whilst a very young Dragon at 18, Bill is nevertheless large enough for Jinx to comfortably ride on his back without causing the Dragon any trouble in his flight. Bill was created by the God of Insanity for Jinx's first birthday, and is bonded with the girl. Whilst telepathic, Bill prefers not to talk to anyone but Jinx. Wherever she goes Bill is not far behind, always there to help protect her. 

Abilities: Bill, too, has abilities unknown. He was created by a chaos god, after all. 

Electrical Spikes: When Bill is particularly angry or defensive, retractable, multicoloured spikes will come out of the Dragons hide-especially around the neck. Whilst these seem designed for defence as it turns Bill into a pincushion, these spikes are also capable of conducting electricity over the Dragons body, thus turning a defence into a dual attack. 

Breath Weapons: Bill is different to other Dragons in that what he breathes out seems to depend on what he eats. This can be anything from a devastating flame attack, to him regurgitating out boiled eggs. Often what is ingested has little to nothing to do with comes back out. The one time he had to rely on it without knowing what was fuelling it, it turned out be wind compressed together so fine it formed blades. 

Insanity Magic Immunity: Like Jinx, due to his origins, Bill is immune to insanity magics and shares the high resistance to curses. 

Naturally, Bill also has a Dragons high strength and the ability to fly. 

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