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Tom Johnson

Past Positions:

Sargeant, US Army

Leader, Knights of Insanity




Terran Human


Tall, well built without being bulky. He is fairly Agile, though he is still getting used to his prothetic leg, so he is a bit slower nowadays'


Well versed in several hand-to-hand combat techniques, including Krav Magra. He also shows exceptional marksmanship - though not quiet to the level of a sniper.  He has also exhibited a pension for Leadership, be that during his time leading the Knights of Insanity, or aftewards as a Community leader within the Encampment


He is Terran, so he has almost no magical abilities, and only barely grasps some advanced technologies. 

Also due to a recent injury, he has to use a prothetic leg.  Although fully automated to work like his own, it needs regular recharging to keep working.


Tom is fairly easy going, but is fairly dedicated to the well-being of the Encampment as a whole.  He can be passionate when he needs to be, but is generally easy to get along with, having even befriended the Collector's mortal form, Abi.


Tom was dropped onto Pax right before he was to die on Earth in a firefight - and immediately found himself in a fight against a flying serpent. After helping Swix prevailed, it was revealed that he was to be the new leader for the Knights of Insanity. He has become accepted - mostly due to his superb leadership and ability to keep the team safe. He has butted heads with a few of the Knights though - mostly over issues of safety and policy.

However, after the Insanity Wars, he could no longer justify working for Au'Marui, and decided both his and the community's best interests were served by him working on his own.  He is known for going on regular patrols around the Encampment to defend it's borders from local wildlife, as well as doing odd jobs for the residents as needed.  This earns him a modest living using a barter.  Because of his work, some have suggested that Tom should take more of a leadership role within the Encampment, but this is something Tom himself waves off.


Plasma rifle: His main weapon of choice, Tom has shown some capacity as a sharpshooter. He is still adjusting to this versus his old lead-projectile service rifle, but he is more than a threat for anyone on the field with this rifle.

Celestial Bronze Bowie Knife: Tom had a standard bowie knife he brought with him from Earth. However, to save the life of Russel, he sacrificed it to Au'Marui, and was rewarded with a Celestial bronze version of the same dagger.  Tom is reluctant to use it, therefore it is not known if it holds any special properties.

Traded Away:
Enchanted Blade (The Nirasema Special): A custom dagger that was modeled after his Bowie, but is far more effective. The blade generates a focus barrior, which protects his hand and forearm from most attacks, and can generate a brief flame-burst on thought command. It does drain magic, which being Terran, Tom has a limited magical potential, but it's stable enough Tom hardly has any issues with it. It is also made of celestial bronze, a gift from DP, so that it is especially effective against celestial beings, infernals, and demi-gods.  Tom traded it to the Collector in exchange for some hostages.  Tom feels he may have just given away his murder weapon, but feels he had little choice at the time.

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