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  • Name: 

    Illunia Fres Ti Lunalin

  • Gender:

  • Race: 
    Moon Elf

  • Appearance: 
    Pale skin, silver-white hair with blue ombre to it, a crown and a gown that matches her style.

  • Abilities: 
    Healing magic, swordplay, minor dagger play, and snooty rich kid tone.

  • Personality: 
    Rich, princess-like, tough, and won't back down.

  • History: 
    Illunia was the princess of the Lunalin elves once, befor she managed to stumble her way into the strange world that was Pax. she had learned some swordplay from the knights of her kingdom and went to try and get more skills, finding a rift and venturing into it somehow gaining her way into the world and adventuring it through and through. she often faces things with a head strong, no bullshit way of thinking and fears nothing, on the surface.

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