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  • Description:
    Hailing from Earth, Homo Sapiens (colloquially called "Humans") are a rather unremarkable bunch.  They have a great capacity for learning, and excel at technology when taught, but (save a few notable exceptions) have no natural talent for magical arts.  

  • Appearance:
    They come in a varying array of colors from dark brown to very pale white, often depending on exposure to sunlight and ancestry, and save for a few areas (top of the head being the most notable), have very fine hair covering their body such that much of their skin is exposed.  They are bipedal organisms with two grasping appendages.

  • Nature:
    Naturally curious, these people have often been natural explorers.  They are often short sighted, often making decisions that in the short term can be beneficial, but with a long term payment they fail to consider.

  • Interactions:
    They have no other sentient species on their planet, but often treat other organisms with a disdain.

  • Abilities:
    As stated, they have no natural talent for magic.  They can pick up just about any object and throw it with some accuracy.  Some scientists have theorized that this is some sort of unique adaptation, but if it plays a role in their daily life it's not apparent.  They are tool makers and users by nature, often using tools to build and shape the environment around them to their suiting.

  • Diet:
    Omnivorous in nature, they subsist on a mixture of animals and plants.  They have shown to have an extremely adaptive diet, adapting to eat whatever is plentiful within their habitat.  It is said though that the acid in their stomachs is rather weak, so they must cook their food to kill off harmful parasites and bacteria prior to ingestion.

  • Fertility:
    Humans reach sexual maturity around age 13-15, though it is often encouraged for them to wait at least another 10 or so years before procreation.  They give birth often to a single live youngling after a gestation of about 40 7-day weeks, though births of two are not uncommon.  During first two to three years the child is completely depedant on the parents for survival.

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