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  • Description: Obscure deities from a secluded sector of the multiverse, the are primarily defined in two prime categories: native ichor and foreign eldritch.

    Prime IchorLesser IchorPrime EldritchLesser EldritchUndefined/Hybrid
    Encompassing all ichor deities and some spirits and demigods, they are deemed the 'higher' beings in the pantheon. All of the original immortals since creation are Prime IchorOften attributed for spirits and demigods, and at times an insult for weaker Prime Ichor immortals, they amount to the largest demographic of ichor beings. Lesser Ichor beings, while possessing heritage to the Prime source, do not have actual ichor, merely traits expressed on themselves-usually essence in the soulInvasive beings originating from unknown sector of the multiverse; monikers of heralding before 'time itself'. To call them demons would be inconclusive at best. While some demonic entities have Eldritch heritage, these other-wordly immortals radiate a different auraTypically those who don't fall under the class of deities are lumped into this category...
  • Appearance:

    Hard to classify given an immortal's nature to shapeshift usually. All Prime Ichor beings posses ichor in their bodies, unless weaker manifestation excluded this essence. All Eldritch beings, unless otherwise cloaked in some sort of veil, radiate an Eldritch aura to varying degrees of intensity. Said aura may cause madness

  • Nature and Interactions:

    With the Ichor caste system ruling their multiple realms for millenia, their prosperity would not go on forever. At some point in their recorded history an invasion of Eldritch immortals disrupted the present order. Some worlds survived unscathed or largely oblivious to the horde, others were burnt down and devoured to sate these foreign entities' hunger

  • Abilities: 

    Immortal Regeneration - A power both known to Prime Ichor and Eldritch beings. They can reconstruct themselves upon 'death' by amassing enough of their ichor/eldritch essence together in one location. To prevent reformation, one would need to seal this substance to stop proper congealing, or utterly destroy the energy where it cannot recognize itself

  • Diet: 

    Connection to the Xartus - Despite the damaged conditioned left from THE WAR, greater immortals (or those with direct lineage with one) may be able to channel said energy to refill themselves if devoid of other sources.

    Faith - 

    Other Sources - Beings may derive power from the reality currently occupied in. Leylines, solar, hydro, usually renewable sources. Otherwise, siphoning energy from living beings is a possibility

  • Fertility: 

    Allogamy - Divine reproduction. Where in two or more immortals contribute their essence to generate new offspring

    Autogamy - Similar to the first, though solely done by one immortal

    Division - Either by budding off pieces of their power to empower a pre-existing entity, or manifesting a lesser being whose traits are very similar to their parent. Extreme cases would involve the immortal dividing their entire essence to fabricate multiple beings, dispersing the power among the new life. Sometimes the original parent's identity remains in one of the new children, depending on how the process occurred

  • Notable Members

Prime IchorLesser IchorPrime EldritchLesser EldritchUndefined/Hybrid
Animus/TuiLasa VecuUllikummi




*Constructed from stolen documents by Lasa Vecu.

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