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Description (Pre-Demi-God Depature):

Situated in the center of slow rolling hills and snow drifts, with occasional flat icy plains among the larger frozen plateau, the Well of Mimir being the main object of interest. Rumors and legends as to how the underground spring became enchanted in the first place (with some saying its stood born since the beginning of Kata itself). Regardless, a few noted pieces can be fairly relied upon.

The geographical formation most definitely concerns a massive, dense rocky composition buried under looser earthen sediment. This claim been verified by accounts of its mirrored location in the parallel Pax realm. Where instead the same location bears a tall stone mountain that dominates nearly all of the island surrounding itself. Both of these Kata planets enveloped by different atmospheric conditions: yielding one to be blanketed by sheets of ice and gravel, to the other trapped in the middle of a great ocean.

Once inside the caves themselves, a sense of awe may creep into the minds present. At learned later that these waters are directly connected to an Eldritch Herald of Knowledge, who one of their other names being Wyrd in turn. Those aware of huldrefolk lore would likely piece together that this well, named after a Mímisbrunnr in their realms, stand to be a copy of the original. Or simply anyone with experience regarding Norse Mythology of course.

Nonetheless, these waters are not to be trifled with. Its powerful magic merely one of its layers that ultimately floats above the far denser essence of eldritch aura deep below. To earn a token of knowledge safely, one must offer something of value in turn... Trying to steal from it risks not only their own magic being sealed by it, but possibly their entire self...

Description (Post-Demi-God Depature):

A far more foreboding landscape. Encircling the cave's known entrance lays an impressively steep cavern, which any tests done thus far indicate to be potentially bottomless...

Recorded Events and History:

  • At some point in time a 'huldu' by the name Mimir enchanted the underground spring with his wisdom and magic
  • Afterwards of the Attack on Doggerland, a wandering Skathi Bastarnae took refuge in the cave complex which housed this mystical water. As an act of concealing and possibly to earn a gift of sorts in exchange, she hid one of her father's eyes (Thjazi Thrymheim by huldrefolk; Rafrika to those aware of the truth)
  • Which by a chaotic assemble of events, said treasured orb been snatched by means of Shadow Magic (thus implying that since they eye wasn't Skathi's to begin with, it couldn't truly be secured sufficiently in the well's waters)
  • The huldre demi-god continued to inhabit the caves for some time, with a recently accompanied Avali by the name Rechomi. Until that is...
  • ... A return to madness. Skathi Bastarnae cast aside what good will she held in heart and mind to be safe within her partner, as the rest of this now deranged huldra fled from Mímisbrunnr...
  • ... Which sometime after the hostilities waned and sanity mended, it became difficult to locate Mímisbrunnr for a few years(?) on end. That is, until the transformed landscape surrounding this legendary site revealed itself once more.

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